For years, we have been refining our exclusive development process, in which we prepare new product ideas for presentation to corporations for possible licensing. Corporations are always looking for new products. Javanti is able to present new product samples to them, including concepts that come from idea people. The company's founder Jaques van Tonder understands the problems individuals are faced with when trying to get their new product ideas in front of corporations for licensing consideration. It is for this reason that he created Javanti, a place where corporations and consumers can invent to empower.    Today, Javanti licenses both its clients' and its own new product ideas. Javanti’s goal is to secure a license agreement for each product it presents. We do believe that if you're going to pursue a new product idea, you should do it with experience behind you. Our company has that experience. If you're looking to have your new product idea prepared and presented to a corporation for possible licensing, we recommend that you fill out our free information form. We will send you a free information package that explains how to start pursuing your idea.